The weak and beggarly elements

Galatians 4:8-11.

The Judaizers of Paul’s time deceived the Galatians by telling them they needed to keep the mosaic law as part of their salvation (verse 9). But any heir of God through Christ (verse 7) is free of the law. We have nothing in common with the weak and beggarly elements of works based salvation – in any form whatsoever.

These false teachers taught that observing the mosaic law would add to the believer’s standing before God (verse 10). Yet the Body of Christ is regenerated by FAITH ALONE in Jesus Christ, and we are sons of God (verse 7). Our standing is perfect before God because we stand in the imputed righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

No works can keep any person saved or improve their prospects of going to heaven. Those who trust their works for salvation are NOT trusting Christ. <— and that’s a period.

This is the reason why Paul feared whether these people had in fact been saved in the first instance (verse 11). His efforts in Galatia were vain to those who trusted their works, rather than Christ’s perfect work on the cross.


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