What you probably won’t hear in your church…

The Revelation of the Mystery given to the Apostle Paul, which is to be found from Romans to Philemon.
The Gospel of Grace (we are saved by faith alone + nothing – nothing).
That we are currently living in the Dispensation of God’s Grace.
That we must follow the Apostle Paul, he is our pattern.
That there is only one Baptism (not with water, but with the Spirit).
We are permanently sealed with the Holy Spirit until our day of redemption.
Our salvation is eternally secure.
The Lord Jesus Christ preached according to the Revelation of the Mystery given to the Apostle Paul.

What great love!
What great mercy!
What great kindness!
We don’t have to do anything to be saved, other than trust in Him, that we are in need of a Saviour and that He is our Saviour and that He died, was buried and resurrected on the 3rd day. He did it all.

When denominationalism tells you your salvation requires works in order for you to be saved – they’re reading Israel’s mail. Israel’s salvation is conditional and they have to endure to the end in order to be saved.



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