What’s WRONG???

It seems when it comes to this subject, many Christians, including well-intentioned and sincere ones, don’t see the danger or the error hidden in Christian mysticism, man’s word, man’s opinion, watered down Bible (per)versions, etc, etc. They flail around in the dark when it comes to being able to discern spiritual GARBAGE, because it’s so subtle, they cannot see the wood for the trees.

Surely there should be enough evidence that something is drastically wrong when a person who calls him or herself a Christian is still in “pursuit of God” and cannot find or know the Tru Living God as depicted in His Word?

I came across the following video this weekend that shocked the cotton socks off me for the simple reason that it’s seen as orthodox Christianity today. WOW. I wonder how many Chrisitans out there would actually hold it up against the light of God’s Word? My guess is, not many and would rather ask, “What’s wrong with it? It’s a great video, it contains a lot of truth”. IT DOES?

In this video you can find lots of big talk, fluff, hot air, spiritual sounding terms, watered down, insipid mumbo jumbo spoken in spiritual tones, and their answer for you to be saved is that you must run to a church, not knowing who sent youor why you’re there, and fall down – and you remain as lost as you were from the beginning. Now where does it say that in the Bible? Scripture and verse please.

Fancy that, you are saved and you don’t know it and you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, and you are totally clueless who sent you, and there’s no mention of the real Gospel, there’s not even an inkling of God’s imputed righteousness, there’s no mention of justification, no mention of God’s Gospel of Grace. So you have to work for it. This is all pretty subjective when you come to think about it. Does the Lord God of the Bible control people this way? Will He ever over-ride their free will and send them running to a church like lemmings? After all, if these people are saved and belong to the Body of Christ – why do they need to run to an empty church building to get a grip on what’s happening? Think about it.

In fact Biblical doctrine is dissed as “humanism” or “intellectualism”. There’s no scripture mentioned to confirm their message. It’s all about man and his self-righteousness. It reminds a lot of the New Age Message which preaches a generic Gospel and a generic Jesus. If we are to be as righteous as they purport in this video in order to be accepted by God, then why do we need a Saviour? Did Christ die in vain?

This is hardcore works based salvation at it’s best. Salvation on the instalment plan, continuous weeping and gnashing of teeth because one can lose their salvation. As far as being saved from lying, cheating, et al as mentioned in the video, show me ONE MAN who isn’t a liar, for the Word of God says we are ALL liars. And what does it say about God’s character since we can continuously “lose our salvation” because we “aren’t good enough”. News Flash – we’ll never be good enough, He knew that, that’s why He did it ALL for us.

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee and see this muppet show for what it is, that it isn’t the true Gospel as given to us by the Apostle Paul in this Dispensation of God’s grace, which can be seen in the epistles from Romans to Philemon. These preachers rely on the Old Testament for their salvation which is WRONG. If you understand God’s Word by Right Division, you’ll never fall for this garbage:

It’s also a really sad day when something like the following is posted on a Christian forum and is purported to be “Balanced Biblical Doctrine”. Since when did Aiden Wilson Tozer become orthodox? He was a Christian mystic, for goodness sake. They go all out to “find” God, be it in nature or whatever, and eventually find Him in their subjective feelings, emotions and experiences.

Today God speaks to us by His Word. We are to study to shew ourselves approved. There’s no way that God can be subjected to subjective emotions and circumstances. His Word shows His character and His plan. Study it.

Other Christian mystics:

C.S. Lewis
Oral Roberts
Charles Taze Russell
Smith Wigglesworth
John G. Lake
Edgar Cayce
Aimee Semple McPherson
Watchman Nee
Mother Theresa
Henri Nouwen
Lonnie Frisbee
Jack Wimber
Rick Joyner
Mike Bickle
Todd Bentley


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