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The more you study the word of God the more you grow in understanding and the more able you are to share what you know with others. But some grace believers have no local place where they can assemble with like minded believers to study and fellowship.

Have you ever thought of this: If there is not one, start one. Many grace believers meet in home bible studies to fellowship and share the word of God in regular bible studies. One grace preacher said that when he began he went to Walmart and bought twelve cheap plastic chairs (and some of those were empty at first).

We see no need at all for the trappings of religion or any kind of strained formality but rather that a sincere person can get together with other sincere people to read, discuss and study the Word of God…and especially the word of truth, rightly divided…without fear and without the restraints of religion.

One sure thing you can do is to invite members of your family and your friends to share in listening to the audio studies at our web site and then just simply have discussions afterwards. This will lead to more interest as you get more people involved. As believers learn more about the word of truth, rightly divided, they are more established. The become more secure in their faith and therefore better equipped to boldly proclaim the gospel of grace….that God would have all men to be saved and come unto the knowledge of the truth of salvation by GRACE ALONE through FAITH ALONE.

God calls SINFUL MEN to be the preachers and teachers of his word for a purpose, to demonstrate that the Excellency of the power is HIS, and to show the effectiveness of HIS grace. Certainly we can tell anyone who is willing to listen that WE BELIEVE that Christ died for our sins, all of them, and was raised FOR OUR JUSTIFICATION. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is living proof that our sins are forgiven. They are blotted out, never to be brought up again. As saved, bible believers, we are A NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST!

If you are interested in pursuing this, let us know and we will be happy to send you CD recordings of MEGAFILES of audio in the DATA format. When you transfer them to your computer you can then burn CD’s of the individual studies to pass around and share with others.

We currently have MEGAFILES already prepared but if you are interested in a selected list of studies from our web site, simply send us a list of those you prefer and we will make you a custom CD in the DATA format.

We are all called to be Ambassadors for Christ. Paul said, let a man so account of us as the “ministers of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.” He said, moreover, that stewards are to be found faithful. He told Timothy to commit these things to FAITHFUL MEN that they may be able to teach others also.



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