Salvation or Probation?

Why does God offer salvation to man?

2. What does God require TODAY in order for people to be saved?

3. The Roman Catholic church claims it is sinful [the sin of presumption] to say, “I know God has accepted me once and for all” or “I know I have eternal life” or “I know I won’t go to Hell.” If salvation can be received but then lost, wouldn’t claiming to “be saved” be presumptuous?

4. What specifically does it take for a saved person to lose salvation?

5. If a saved person ever loses his or her salvation, can that person ever be saved again? If so, how?

6. If salvation can be lost, can a saved person make sure he or she remains saved? If so, how?

7. Can a saved person know if he or she is no longer saved?

8. Were you ever saved and lost your salvation?

9. If so, how did you know you were no longer saved? What have you done about it?

10. If someone can be on their way to Heaven but end up in Hell, aren’t biblical terms like salvation and saved confusing and misleading (at the very least)? In other words, isn’t our time as Christians here on Earth more of a probationary period in which we must wait to see if we’ll “make it” or not?


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