How to stop worrying

Worry is a killer. It can kill you. It may be KILLING YOU RIGHT NOW! The early death that worry brings to millions of Christians, is unnecessary. Billions of man-hours that could have been spent serving Christ during the last nineteen centuries have been squandered on the useless and destructive habit of worrying. Billions more have been lost through the untimely death of believers whose lives have been tragically shortened by what amounts to a senseless waste of time.

Life is a gift from God. Is worry robbing you of this priceless gift hour by hour, day by day, year by year? Is it destroying your physical well being, your emotional stability, and your mental health? Worry can sap your vitality, depress your spirit, and bum your wishes, dreams, and plans to ashes. Worry interferes with our most important human relationships–husband and wife, parent and child, sibling and sibling, friend and friend. It clouds our life-purpose (magnifying Christ), colors our attitudes, distorts our goals, and impedes our progress. Actually nothing good can be said about worry, it has NO redeeming features.

Worry seems to be a universal malady. What, then, can you and I do to prevent its vicious attacks, its destructive results, in our lives. Much, indeed, for God has not left us without His help on this critical battlefield of life. On the contrary, God has made a perfect provision for you and me to live as Adam’s progeny, in Satan’s world, in an evil age, through a difficult time, beset with problems, and filled with conflict. The bottom line in YOUR life is NEVER the degree of difficulty but, always the extent of supply. If this minute, you were facing greater problems than anyone else in the world, the extent of God’s supply for your need would still be enough and to spare! God has not left one single believer with one single excuse for accepting defeat. God has not left one of His warriors on the battlefield with broken supply lines, obsolete weapons, or incompetent leadership. The victory is ours, even over worry, if we follow commands, use our weapons, and draw on our supplies.

“Be careful for nothing,” says our English version in Philippians 4:6; but this is a present imperative with a prohibition in the original Greek. This construction – warns against the forming of a habit and forbids the continuance of an action already going on. Also, in a Greek sentence the first word is in the position of major emphasis. “Nothing” is the first word … NOTHING! NO THING is to continue to produce anxiety in the believer!

The antidote to worry was not in Limbo awaiting the invention of modem psychology. It has been in God’s Word all along.

It is interesting that God and Paul do not tell us to stop being anxious in verse six until they have told us in verse four, “Rejoice in the Lord always; and again I say, Rejoice.” Two present tenses, each indicating linear action. Literally, “Keep on rejoicing in the Lord always; and again I say, Keep on rejoicing.”

“Keep on rejoicing” is in the emphatic position. In case we missed the significance, God adds the word “always,” and then, at the end of the sentence, the second most emphatic position, repeats the command. This, to the Greek-speaking Philippians, meant that God was loading up the emphasis on continual rejoicing. In English we would have to resort to Italics, capitals, and a host of exclamation points. But joy must have an object, and God does not leave us in doubt as to the object of our joy … it is to be the Person and work of our Savior. Religion is about churches; God’s Word is about Christ! Tradition is man-centered; salvation is Savior-centered!

If we are constantly to rejoice in the Person and work of our Lord, we must know something of Who He is and what He has done. Knowing a little gives one a little grounds for rejoicing, knowing more gives more grounds, knowing much gives much grounds.


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