3 Associations with the KJV

KJV only:
These faithful people believe that the KJV is God’s perfect Word in the English language. They use it carefully and defend it boldly. If confronted with an oversight, they will submit to the KJV as the final authority and change their own vocabulary to conform to the Holy Scriptures.

KJV most of the time:
This group claims to be “KJV only”, yet in practice they will opt for other preferred words as popularly substituted in different translations of incorrect texts. They will even promote key distinctions between the KJV and other versions in preaching, literature or websites, yet when challenged with replacements of which they themselves are guilty, they cry for liberty while dodging KJV words.

KJV some of the time:
These people think the KJV is a good “personal choice” even though they would criticize it as having “difficult, outdated” words. But they would accept the KJV as an option along with a variety of versions in order to broaden their perception of God’s thoughts.

Let’s be faithful stewards and use the correct KJV Word.



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