Say what?

Most churches today, especially our friends in the covenant theology department are using brainwashing, mind control, indoctrination, oppression, coercion, intimidation, legalism, false teaching, guilt, shame, peer pressure and other bondage techniques to control their members, increase church attendance and obtain loads of moolah (money). The goal is said to be “winning souls to Christ,” but the underlying agenda is the desire for more power, control and money.

Most their money is made by online pledges, panic pleas for helping poor starving kids in faraway lands, a new building programme, special offers on a whole assortment of religious “relics”, and my all time “favourite” – yes, “mail us your prayer request” and we’ll send you one of those holy cloths that will heal you in an instant (if you have enough faith, that is), not forgetting to enclose your pledge when requesting such, of course. And they obtain most, if not all their proof-texts for this from one of the four synoptic gospels.

The number of church members is directly proportional to the church budget. It means this: The more victims they have, err…. sorry…. church members, da more money they will make. Yes? And so the more mansions, jet planes, overseas vacations, jewellery, and whatever else it is they (their flesh) desires.

Brainwashing of humans is very easy, it is done by repeating certain statements and instilling fear by rating members on their works (the most important of these being how much moolah you’re willing to depart with). These are just two examples.

So it goes without saying that legalism is rampant in these churches and they more often than not also quote scripture from the Book of Hebrews to make you feel really quilty when you’ve been a “bad girl/boy”.

Let me tell you there’s enough scripture in the Book of Hebrews to put you on an enormous guilt trip and have you running around in a frenzy trying to sort your life out so that you aren’t perceived to be the “dirty rotten scoundrel” by (a) not attending church, (b) tithing insufficiently or not tithing at all, (c) not taking their word as the gospel truth and (d) not agreeing with them.

Then there’s also the fact that they call us “ultra-dispensationalists” or “hyper-dispensationalists”, and they ask “Is Christ divided?” and quote 1 Corinthians 1:13. But how much do they actually know about Mid-Acts Pauline right division? From what I can see, not much, that’s why they make comments like, “Paul did baptize people in this Dispensation of Grace. However, he wanted them to stop falsely claiming they were baptized in his own name. This is probably the main reason Paul stopped baptizing people lest they should say that he had baptized them in his own name. The people were prideful in their bragging that Paul had baptized them. The Bible does not say others cannot or should not baptize. The ultra-dispies have twisted this verse around until many preach as if the gospel is “Thou Shall Not Baptize.” They spend their efforts preaching against baptism instead of preaching the gospel. All legalists lead people away from the gospel and away from Christ by focusing on their legalistic false doctrines and works instead of the gospel.”

Actually what it is, is this:
Baptism belongs to the Old Covenant dispensation, and since we’re NOW in the Dispensation of Grace, no works are required for salvation, only faith. It’s Sola Fida, baby. So why waste time baptizing and being baptized? To impress who? God? By our rotten works? Which means what?

So, if you don’t understand something or someone, that doesn’t mean it or they are wrong, it actually means you could very well be wrong in assuming things or misunderstanding them.

So I will post about “ultra-dispies” and our take on baptism and how it’s not applicable in this current Age of Grace.



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