2 Timothy 2:15

What does it mean to “rightly divide” the Word of truth? When it comes to the bible, there are MANY who say that there are so-called contradictions on its pages. Why do they believe this to be true? Well, what they see is that God will say something to the nation of Israel in one place, and then He would say the EXACT opposite thing to us today in the Body of Christ thru our Apostle Paul (compare James 2:24 with Romans 4:5).

They are not aware that God is operating a TOTALLY different program today, than He did in time past (and also in the future) with Israel. Right division is simply understanding TO whom and ABOUT whom a book of the bible is written to (compare James 1:1 to Romans 11:13).

God wrote a book to mankind called the bible. He wrote it to two separate and distinct groups of people, the nation of Israel, and the Church, the Body of Christ. He divided it up in 3 parts: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE! The books of the bible written to the nation of Israel are Genesis thru Acts (PAST), and Hebrews thru Revelation (FUTURE). Those books contain information TO and ABOUT the people of Israel, who were God’s chosen in time past, and will again be His people in the future (Romans 11:11, 25).

The books that God wrote for the Church, the Body of Christ (a term used exclusively and ONLY by God’s spokesman for today, the Apostle Paul), are the ones that Paul wrote; Romans thru Philemon (PRESENT)……. (1 Corinthians 14:37). Although we today can read and learn about how God dealt with that nation in time past and how He will deal with them again future from us; we do NOT, however, interpret and apply their information to ourselves!

We must “rightly divide” God’s Word of truth. We must give to Israel the truth “addressed” to them, and “divide it rightly” from the truth that God “addressed” to the Body of Christ! It’s not enough just to study the bible…but, when you study it, you MUST “rightly divide” it to “unlock” the riches of understanding that God put in it for you. Without studying your bible in this DIVINELY inspired way, the bible will not make sense, you will always be confused, and you will be “ashamed” before God.

That is why all the different doctrines, denominations and confusion exist out there in the world…because people do not “rightly divide” the bible. But, you can be “approved unto God”, as a workman that needeth not to be ashamed…when you “rightly divide” the Word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).



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