A Dispensational Warning

By Miles J. Sanford

Most dispensationalists and all Covenant theologians fail to realize that there are two Gospels, each dependent upon the Blood of the Cross. The one Gospel is EARTHLY (Kingdom); the other is HEAVENLY (Grace). Both Gospels are “according to Jesus,” and present only one way: by faith.

One Gospel was ministered by Christ on earth, during His pre‑cross humiliation, and was exclusively addressed to ISRAEL regarding her Millennial Kingdom. The other was ministered to Paul by the glorified Lord Jesus Christ; after Calvary, from heaven, exclusively to and for His chosen heavenly BODY.

John the Baptist’s, Jesus’ and the Apostles’ Gospel concerned the Messiah and His Kingdom – specifically and repeatedly referred to as “the Gospel of the Kingdom” (Matthew 4:23; 9:35; 24:14; Mark 1:14; Luke 9:2, 6). The other, “the Gospel of the Grace of God,” was neither preached nor mentioned until Paul went forth to declare it (Acts 20:24; Romans 3:21‑28; Ephesians 3:1‑3) …

The glorified Lord directly communicated to Paul not only the great fundamentals of the heavenly Church Gospel, but a NEW revelation concerning His Body – truths that He never shared with the nation Israel. These truths concerned our identification with Christ crucified, buried, resurrected and ascended; our heavenly position; our co‑heirship … and much more …

Those who do not CENTER in the truths which the ascended Lord communicated directly to Paul will not know WHO and WHERE they are in Christ, nor WHAT their portion is in the purpose of the Father. Neither will they know their privileges and responsibilities. Those who are ignorant of, and hence not centered in, the Pauline Gospel [“my gospel”] as set forth EXCLUSIVELY in his Church Epistles, are consistently astray in their interpretation of the Gospel, to say nothing of all‑important Church truth …

Be warned, all ye who would wrest [II Peter 3:15, 16], rather than rest and rightly divide [II Timothy 2:15]!


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